About Us

Mission Statement

Determination to be Our Industries Best Service Company.
Excellence in Training, Personnel, and Job Performance.
Loyalty to Our Customers, Our Personnel, and to Our Profession.
Technical Knowledge and Equipment.. Tomorrow's Technology, Today.
Attentive to Our Customers Needs, and to the Areas of Employee and Environmental Safety.


  • OCTG.
  • Bottom Hole Assemblies.
  • Tubular Accessories.
  • Rig - Heavy Lift Inspection.
  • Castings and Forgings.
  • Pressure Vessels.
  • Riser Pipe.
  • Wellhead Equipment.


Since our beginning in 1965, we have strived to provide the best possible service to our customer. Our reputation through the years has proven that we are committed to quality.

We would like the opportunity to prove to you that our name is built on quality. We are by no means one of the biggest, or most well known firms around, but I'm sure that given the chance, you will come to know us as one of the best.

My commitment to you, is to provide you with the quality service you deserve and expect.